Monday, 26 November 2012


Hi classmates! Today is our final class of English!! Really I’m very happy because I cursed all the levels of English in the university and now I feel very comfortable for finish the last semester!
Well, In general I don’t like very much this class because I don’t like english L when I was a little girl I hate learn english by obligation and now its similar but I know that english its very useful for a lot of situations in the life. I think that in the university I learn a little more but I think that the most important it’s that I have been able to practice very much this language and pay attention in the details of my usual mistakes at the moment of speak or listen.
I think that the activities of the blog are very useful to practice the writing and the creativity for express our thoughts. I wrote in the blog in the level 3 and now it’s more easy because I practice a lot. Also I think that I have to improve my English in aspects like the listening or speaking because for me is more difficult realize this activities than write or read.
Outside the English class I use this language for read papers for the university but yet its difficult, also for sing songs jajaj and understand movies in english or communicated with foreign persons in special situations.
Finally, I think that its important learn and practice english, because even if we don’t like, in this time is very useful and necessary for a lot of things. I believe that also it’s important that the university have an english program because stimulate at the students to learn this language but also I think that the levels are a little easier for the persons that understand more the language and sometimes it’s boring L

Regards!! J

Monday, 12 November 2012

The Truman Show

Hi classmates! Today I´m going to tell you about a movie that I really enjoy… I saw this movie a long time ago with my boyfriend and it’s called “The Truman Show”. This is a movie of comedy and drama and is starred by Jim Carrey. In general the storyline is about a man with a fictitious life. His life is a like a reality show but he doesn’t know that. He thinks that he had a normal life like all the people, and all the time hi just live like all the people in the world, but really all the details of his life are previously planned for the person that create the reality. All is created and even the deepest situations are planned for the director of the program. All is recorded and televise like a TV program that all the people of the town can see. The film is very funny and terrible at the same time because in the progress of the story you can see like all the characters except Truman (Jim Carrey) are doing things to keep the fiction at the expense of the real life of Truman. I think that this movie is very interesting because propose a problem about the reality and the possibility that all can be a fiction. I really recommend this movie!! Regards! J

Monday, 5 November 2012


Hi dear classmates! Today I’m going to speak about our political system and the elections. These years I vote for first time in the municipal elections and I think that it’s very important because you can give your opinion and express with your vote if you are agree or disagree with the political system. But also I think that at the same time vote is controversial, because you have to decide for one of the candidates of the list and many times they doesn’t represent to the people really. In this occasion I felt like forced to vote because I think that this moment was important for our country and the major have a lot of importance in the decisions of the community. My municipality is not emblematic like others; I live in La Reina and really the political decision of the major doesn’t affect so much like in other municipalities like Providencia for example. But this time I think that was important to vote because in my commune are building a lot of malls, tall buildings and now the building companies want to do a motorway.
Respect to the fact for the big abstention in this elections I think that influenced the disagree of the people with the candidates and with the political system in general. I think that many people doesn’t fell really represent for the political class and they think that nothing going to change. I shared this opinion but at the same time I think that its important express our disagree and tried to change the things. And I think that was a big achievement that Labbé, Sabat and Zalaquet left the power.


Monday, 22 October 2012

English activities

Hi dear classmates! Today I´m going to tell you about the activities of the english class. Well, at the final of the semester we will have to the final test for approve this course and for that now we have to practice these kinds of activities. In this occasion we have to visited some internet pages and do it some activities like read, listening and write.
First I have to look and read very shorts text and answer the questions. There are 7 questions and my score was 6 of 7. Later I have to read other little texts and answer the correct alternative for the questions. The items have 10 questions and I answer correctly 8 questions. The final activity of read was read the description of different courses and then I have to choose the appropriate for a person according to the description. In this time my score was 3 of 5.
In the activities of listening I have to hear shorts stories and make the correct answer according with the description. In general I have a good score in this item. In the vocabulary I was a little confused but I don’t have a bad score.
Finally in the item of lenguaje I was a little bad because I don’t understand all the sentences and I don’t know how to changes the words. In the activitie of the letter I was good.
I think that in general this is a good activity because we can practice for the test in a way more didactic, but a disadvantage is that the activity was a little long. 

8 octubre

Monday, 1 October 2012

My first day of university

Hi classmates, today I´m going to speak about my first day of university. I don’t remember exactly how it was, but I remember that this day I was really nervous and happy at the same time!! I was really happy for go to the University of Chile because I always wanted to go here (: but also I was nervous because I don’t know very well the campus because I had only been a couple of times in the summer, and I didn’t know many people. I was a little afraid but when I was here I can enjoy the day and know new people and friends! This day I spoke with some people that I had known in the summer in activities for the “mechones” who organized the classmates of other curses. Really I don’t remember exactly the first day of class, I think that I have a confusion between all the first days or weeks in the university, because like we don’t have class from the first day and we have all kinds of activities really I don’t remember when all the things exactly happens. I remember activities like the “mechoneo”, the trip to “cartagua”, the first classes of Psicobiologia and Historia… I think that this time was very good because everything was new, I met my friends I hang around with all the time and started a new stage of my life! (:

Monday, 24 September 2012

Fiestas Patrias

Hello! Today i´m going to tell you about my best remember of Fiestas Patrias. Really I don’t like very much this celebration because I´m not very patriot jajaj but that does not mean that I cant enjoy and share with my family and friends. Also I don’t like very much this celebration because I´m vegetarian and in all the houses there is only meat. Well, but this fiestas patrias was good, I was with my friends and family, I can take a breack of the rutine of everyday in the university and I really enjoy all the days of the holidays week! But although I enjoy very much I think that the best Fiestas Patrias of ever, were once time that I go to the field with my family. We go at the house of my father´s friends and there was a lot of people, others friends of my dad with his families and was really very funny. This was maybe in 2008 and we go to Chillán. I ´ve only gone to Chillan two times, and after that I don’t like very much, but this experience was really good and I have a Fiestas patrias with a lot of food, activities and having a good time  with my family and friends. I remember that once we played a lot of “Chileans plays”, I learning to play with the spin and the “chueca”, we have sack races and also we play to the blind man´s buff. Now that I remember this, I think that was a good experience and I enjoy very much a celebration that its not really important for me.

I hope that you are enjoy this celebration and the holidays!! :) Regards! 

Monday, 10 September 2012

Hi classmates! Today I´m going to talk about my university friends! They are Vicky, Dana and Dani <3 Well, I met them the last year when we are “mechonas” jajaj and all of us are news in this university. Was not so long ago but since that time we are very close (: I chose to talk about this group because in the university we are always together and I enjoy very much all the times with they because I think that I can count on them all the time and they are very good friends (: Although each one its very different to the others we also have a lot of things in common, for example we enjoy very much talk and laugh,  all of us love the animals, we have a lot of remembers in common and we enjoy very much our meetings (: Sometimes we get together to other places or to the house of one of us and we cook delicious meals jajaj, of course that all of us have more friends in others places and sometimes we get together and know to the other friends for example in a party (: Finally I think I choose talk about they because I see them all the days in the university and sometimes in the weekends and the most of the time I have a good time with they J

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

2012! (:

·        Well, like our teacher said, this 2012 didn't begin at all, it was more like a continuation from last year. We didn't have holidays, so for the first months I felt more tired than usual. Even though first semester seemed to past quickly and without complications in academic terms, this year has been a little weird. I've had a lot of personal issues to solve, so that have beeing distracting me from university activities. I think that the most important thing that i've learned this year is to enjoyas much as posible the times when i'm sharing with my family and with everyone i love.
·        this last months I decided to give myself more time to take care of my own stuff and this seems to be working, because, considering that this year have been hard in many ways, at least i've got time to do things that i really want to. Plus, i think that exercising is a really good way to keep your mind cool and it really helps to keep stress away. I really hope that whats left from this year bring better stuff and that this time we can have our summer vacations!!! :) Regards!!

Monday, 27 August 2012


Most people said that they hate Santiago… but I think that is a very several expression, because Santiago like many others cities in the world have good and bad things. When you go to other places like a tourist, maybe you can appreciate the architecture, the parks, the people and all this kinds of things and many times we forget that our city also have all this things. But of course that not everything is good, I think that Santiago its beautiful because you can see the mountain and because there are a lot of interesting places. I think that the area of the Mapocho river is very nice, but it’s very contaminated like all the city and this maybe subtract the attractive of the zone. I dislike the pollution of the city, I think that this is very bad for the people that lives here, I think that we should valorate Santiago and not always trying to compare ours, with other cities like Roma, San Francisco, etc, because those are different cultures and each one have beautiful and horrible things. Finally, if I was a tourist in Santiago, I wanted to know the center, the market, the parks, the shops, the museums and galleries of art, etc. In my opinion the Parque Bustamante, the Parque Forestal, the area of Recoleta, the central market, the memories museum, among others, are very good tips to get in to consideration at the moment of traveling into Santiago (: 

Monday, 20 August 2012


I think that Wikileaks is a very important case because we can see how a person has revealed supposed secrets of the State in a web page and later the most important persons of the politics and other areas are absolutely impress with the revelation of the reporter Julian Assange and all the world has been shaken  whit this. But I think that this its not the most important, I think that the main point in this case is all the scandalous that this has cost in many areas like the international relations between countries or in many areas of the politics. I believe that Julian Assange is not guilty of the crime he is being accused of, because I think that its part of the liberty of expression make public diferents types of information and  think that it not fair accuse to someone for that because this only harm to the politics in high charge. I think that Ecuatorians were right at offer him political assignment to Assange because wikileaks was like a world scandalous and maybe they like many other people also think that Assange is not guilty and he is in all his rights to be in liberty. 

Sunday, 1 July 2012


I think that having a blog on this subject is a good idea because you can learn to write in a more entertaining and you can essay every time. Before this I never had a blog and I don’t know anything about this. When in the first class we had to create the blog I had no idea about how do it. But this experience has been enjoyable and makes it not so boring to learn English. Also I think that this kind of essay improve your English because you are constantly practicing and trying to write the best possible as you can, but I think that this only works if you really work and try to learn and write because if you use the translator all the time you don’t learn and you just copy the words and that not all the time is right because the translator not using times and the phrases sound inconsistent. Finally I think that blog is a good tool if properly used and an entertaining way to learn English but sometimes it can also be boring if you have to write about topics that you hate or even because you don’t know always what write about something. 
Regards!! <3

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Really I don’t hate any season because I think that all had good and bad things. For example in winter the mountain look very beautiful, in the beginning of autumn the trees are beautiful with a lots of colors and in summer you can enjoy the beach. But I think that the best season is the spring, is beautiful, all the nature is at its most beautiful because after the winter and autumn when everything loses its shine the flowers re-bloom, the trees bear fruit and all looks like new, I love it <3 but!! Bad is that I´m very allergic =(!! And I suffer a lot in this time =( I don’t know particularly what gives me hay fever, but I think that could be the pollen or something like that. Anyway this it’s my favorite season, because it’s beautiful, romantic, and everything looks pretty <3 Also in this time I go to walk or enjoy a scenery because like in winter or autumn its cold you can´t go to many places and really enjoy it. Also I feel more comfortable because I can use dress more beautiful because in winter with warm clothing I don’t feel very comfortable and really I hate be very warm. But i think that each one of the seasons have an special thing that the other don’t have, and we can enjoy all of them! (:

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Really I dont have a favorite place in the world, I think that are many beautifuls places and everyone have an special think or someting that you can enjoy. But as the task is about one place, I will choose the house of my aunt in the “Cajon del Maipo”. The house is wooden and stone and the courtyard is very big, with a lot of trees vegetation and also you can see the mountains <3 I like this place because is away from the city and there the nature is really beautiful, I love the landscape and you can enojoy only with the nature :) also i enjoy the silence of the place because the sounds that you heard are the wind called “Raco”, the birds or thing like that. The main reason that i like this place is because there lives my aunt and my cousins and when I go I can play and enojoy with they, and also because I go there when i was very stressed and my aunt that study chinese medicine makes me acupunture and I return to Santiago completely renewed jajaja :) well, i hope that you can enjoy the “cajón del maipo” someday because is a beautiful place and is not so far!! :) Regards!!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Boris Cyrulnik

Today I´m going to tell you about Boris Cyrulnik. He is a jewish psychiatrist that was born in  Burdeos in 1937. Cyrulnik suffered the death of his parents in a Nazi concentration camp he managed to escape when he was only 6 years. One of the major contributions of this author is on the concept of resilience associated with psychology. In general Cyrulnik said that the resilience is always assign a meaning to the trauma or failure or indesead situation, whatever it is. If there is no resilience sense, there is confusion. Is like the metamorphose art of pain to make sense, is the ability to be happy even when you have wounds in the soul, he said that “A happy childhood does not guarantee a happy adult life. Not an unhappy childhood condemns us to a miserable life”. You can start bad, but if during your life you are surrounded by affection, you  can have a happy life because they help the process of resilience and overcome difficulties. I like him because I think that this theory is very interesting and his books are very entertaining and also interesting. I think that it’s a good input for the psychology and I hope that you can read his books someday :) Regards!

Thursday, 31 May 2012


When I was a child I was obsessed with Egypt! I dont know why, but I just wanted to go and know that country :) I like very much the monuments of Egypt and always I felt very curious about the culture and specially for the past of this country, i have many books and figures of Egypt because i was like a fanatic! jajajaj. Now I´m not so interested or informed like before but yet i wanna know this place one day. I know that is a country with a culture very different compared with the culture of this way of the world, but i think that its very interesting, has many misterious in this building and has a past with great importance  for the history and the human, because has ancient architecture like pyramids and sphinxes and hieroglyphic writing where is counted many stories about the past and about this season. I like very much know this place!! I want to know the monuments, the culture, I think that its very different and I think that would be very entertain and interesting take a trip to this place! (: But I don’t wanna live there, I just want to go and know the place or maybe go to vacations and enjoy but only that because I think its very far for live now jajaj :) I just hope I can go one day! =)   Regards!!

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Hi!! I know … i´m very backward with this homework, but anyway now i´m going to tell you about my life… I was born 19 years ago the first of January of 1993 :) yeeees, the first day of the year!! Jajaj many people think that its very boring and strange be birthday this day, but for me is cool :D jajaj, well, when I was a child was more boring because I don’t go to parties and I only was with my family this day, but always all were tired for the party of new year and my birthday always was vere late the next day L ajaj, but now I enjoy very much my birthday because I go to parties with my friends and also welcome de new year! Its like a new beginning in all the sames!! :) But not all its about my birthday!! Also i have a beautifull family <3 my mom, my dad and two sister, Flo and Cata J im the older sister, but anyway we are very close with my two sisters(: also, I have two dogs Julieta and Puca<3 and with my boyfriend Sebastián we have a hamster!! <3 and I loveee it! Well.. also I was in four schools!! But the last 4 years I was in the same school and there I met my best friends, now im very close with they and I see them almost every weekend J Now im studying psychology in the university of chile <3 and in my free times I like go out with my friends and my boyfriend <3, listen music or simply have a good time (: Sorry for the delay, but I hope that you enjoy my story (: Regards!! 

Thursday, 17 May 2012

I like this picture because  its about my dog Porotina <3 . It sad for me because my dog die a few months ago because she was very old <3 but anyway i love this picture because its a beautiful memory :) This picture was taken for me in a family lunch like 5 years ago. My dog was my pet all the life… She came to my home when i was only 3 years, and my sister was very little too, she was only one year. I remember that with my mom we go to my dad´work and he had a gift for me, and its my dog! I was very happy and i call she Porotina, i dont know why i choose this name jajaj :) My dog was like a sister, because like i and my sisters was very little we play with she all day, was like a toy jaja, and she never was grumpy with us. This year she turned 18 years old and she was very very old :( a few months ago we have to sacrifice she because was suffering and well… was the better for she. Now i know that she was resting and with pictures like that i remember she everydays (:

Thursday, 3 May 2012

My favorite Tv series is Dexter <3. Its about a forence  police that work with blood  test in the police department of Miami. He is like a detective and the story its about his life and other characters that are involved with murders and that work with Dexter in the department. But that not´s all!! the most interesting thing its that Dexter also is a murderer !! but he is like a avenging  because he only kill people who have also killed.  My favorite character its Dexter because its very interesting and mysterious and during the series you can know his story and understand his reasons for do it. I like very much this series because it very interesting and you are pay attencion all the time!! And also I like because its not like all the other tv series like friends or things like that. When I saw the series I feel very happy because is very entertaining for me but now i´m not very happy because yet I don’t finish all the series because is very extensive and I don’t have much time for see tv now =( but I now that I finish all the chapters one day!! Jajajaj =)

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Life without such technology

Really i dont like very much technology… maybe its because when I was a child I never have technology games or something like that. My mom and dad never wanted that we have a Nintendo or Play Station like the others childs of the school. But this never was a problem for me because I always played with my sisters and we imagine new games everyday… I love played with they and like we are three sisters all the games are very funny. For example we played to pretend that we were friends or that we were dentists or sellers jajaj. Now I don’t know how play videogames or use things with a lot of technology but a technology thing that I really enjoy its my photographic camera and I love it <3 because I can portray especial moments and remember in the future (:

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Two years ago i went to a concert of the "Fabulosos Cadillacs" in the "Club Hipico" in Santiago. They are one of my favorites bands and i love sing his songs! I like because they songs are very happy and have romantics and social songs, i think that they are a really good band. I remember this day because was amazing, i went to the concert with my friends and was really funny, we has to wait for hours on the grass because the concert was in the night but we only had tickets on main court yard =( Anyway the day was fantastic, we talk and eat all the day and in the night we enjoy the music and the ambient was very funny, all the people singing and i love it!The music was really good <3 , but the organization of the concert was a disaster!! I was like 2 hours trying to go back to my house =( in the club was people for all the ways! was like a video game of levels! jajaj but anyway i never forget this day (:  

Thursday, 5 April 2012


Hi classmates! My name is Magdalena Cádiz I´m nineteen years old and I´m a psychology student of second year. Today I create this blog for use in my English course. In this class I hope learn more about English and improve my writing publishing text in this blog. Also I hope learn more vocabulary and achieve a good level for can read college textbooks and for listen and speak better. 
Regards! maida :)