Thursday, 14 June 2012

Really I dont have a favorite place in the world, I think that are many beautifuls places and everyone have an special think or someting that you can enjoy. But as the task is about one place, I will choose the house of my aunt in the “Cajon del Maipo”. The house is wooden and stone and the courtyard is very big, with a lot of trees vegetation and also you can see the mountains <3 I like this place because is away from the city and there the nature is really beautiful, I love the landscape and you can enojoy only with the nature :) also i enjoy the silence of the place because the sounds that you heard are the wind called “Raco”, the birds or thing like that. The main reason that i like this place is because there lives my aunt and my cousins and when I go I can play and enojoy with they, and also because I go there when i was very stressed and my aunt that study chinese medicine makes me acupunture and I return to Santiago completely renewed jajaja :) well, i hope that you can enjoy the “cajón del maipo” someday because is a beautiful place and is not so far!! :) Regards!!


  1. ooh i have never been to" cajon del maipo" _(

  2. I love "el cajon!" .. I so quiet and beutifull and there is lots of place you can go to take a walk

    1. sorry beautifull** I skip a letter jajaj

  3. Oh Cajon del Maipo is so beautiful!! I go there every weekend C:

  4. oh cajon del maipo is nice, i want start doing reiki II there!!! :D