Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Hi!! I know … i´m very backward with this homework, but anyway now i´m going to tell you about my life… I was born 19 years ago the first of January of 1993 :) yeeees, the first day of the year!! Jajaj many people think that its very boring and strange be birthday this day, but for me is cool :D jajaj, well, when I was a child was more boring because I don’t go to parties and I only was with my family this day, but always all were tired for the party of new year and my birthday always was vere late the next day L ajaj, but now I enjoy very much my birthday because I go to parties with my friends and also welcome de new year! Its like a new beginning in all the sames!! :) But not all its about my birthday!! Also i have a beautifull family <3 my mom, my dad and two sister, Flo and Cata J im the older sister, but anyway we are very close with my two sisters(: also, I have two dogs Julieta and Puca<3 and with my boyfriend Sebastián we have a hamster!! <3 and I loveee it! Well.. also I was in four schools!! But the last 4 years I was in the same school and there I met my best friends, now im very close with they and I see them almost every weekend J Now im studying psychology in the university of chile <3 and in my free times I like go out with my friends and my boyfriend <3, listen music or simply have a good time (: Sorry for the delay, but I hope that you enjoy my story (: Regards!! 

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