Sunday, 1 July 2012


I think that having a blog on this subject is a good idea because you can learn to write in a more entertaining and you can essay every time. Before this I never had a blog and I don’t know anything about this. When in the first class we had to create the blog I had no idea about how do it. But this experience has been enjoyable and makes it not so boring to learn English. Also I think that this kind of essay improve your English because you are constantly practicing and trying to write the best possible as you can, but I think that this only works if you really work and try to learn and write because if you use the translator all the time you don’t learn and you just copy the words and that not all the time is right because the translator not using times and the phrases sound inconsistent. Finally I think that blog is a good tool if properly used and an entertaining way to learn English but sometimes it can also be boring if you have to write about topics that you hate or even because you don’t know always what write about something. 
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  1. I agree, sometimes it is boring when you don't know what write about