Monday, 5 November 2012


Hi dear classmates! Today I’m going to speak about our political system and the elections. These years I vote for first time in the municipal elections and I think that it’s very important because you can give your opinion and express with your vote if you are agree or disagree with the political system. But also I think that at the same time vote is controversial, because you have to decide for one of the candidates of the list and many times they doesn’t represent to the people really. In this occasion I felt like forced to vote because I think that this moment was important for our country and the major have a lot of importance in the decisions of the community. My municipality is not emblematic like others; I live in La Reina and really the political decision of the major doesn’t affect so much like in other municipalities like Providencia for example. But this time I think that was important to vote because in my commune are building a lot of malls, tall buildings and now the building companies want to do a motorway.
Respect to the fact for the big abstention in this elections I think that influenced the disagree of the people with the candidates and with the political system in general. I think that many people doesn’t fell really represent for the political class and they think that nothing going to change. I shared this opinion but at the same time I think that its important express our disagree and tried to change the things. And I think that was a big achievement that Labbé, Sabat and Zalaquet left the power.