Monday, 1 October 2012

My first day of university

Hi classmates, today I´m going to speak about my first day of university. I don’t remember exactly how it was, but I remember that this day I was really nervous and happy at the same time!! I was really happy for go to the University of Chile because I always wanted to go here (: but also I was nervous because I don’t know very well the campus because I had only been a couple of times in the summer, and I didn’t know many people. I was a little afraid but when I was here I can enjoy the day and know new people and friends! This day I spoke with some people that I had known in the summer in activities for the “mechones” who organized the classmates of other curses. Really I don’t remember exactly the first day of class, I think that I have a confusion between all the first days or weeks in the university, because like we don’t have class from the first day and we have all kinds of activities really I don’t remember when all the things exactly happens. I remember activities like the “mechoneo”, the trip to “cartagua”, the first classes of Psicobiologia and Historia… I think that this time was very good because everything was new, I met my friends I hang around with all the time and started a new stage of my life! (:


  1. Hi! i understand you, i don't remember well the first day of classes neither.. it was so long ago.. haha

  2. I don't remember anything too! jajaja, I remember a little the "mechoneo", but I don't remember more things :C
    I was exited too because I wanted to study in this university :)

  3. I felt a lot like you! I think that first day brings feelings like nervous, happiness and even fear!
    See you

  4. Hi! I like that picture you chose, we always have paintings!!