Tuesday, 4 September 2012

2012! (:

·        Well, like our teacher said, this 2012 didn't begin at all, it was more like a continuation from last year. We didn't have holidays, so for the first months I felt more tired than usual. Even though first semester seemed to past quickly and without complications in academic terms, this year has been a little weird. I've had a lot of personal issues to solve, so that have beeing distracting me from university activities. I think that the most important thing that i've learned this year is to enjoyas much as posible the times when i'm sharing with my family and with everyone i love.
·        this last months I decided to give myself more time to take care of my own stuff and this seems to be working, because, considering that this year have been hard in many ways, at least i've got time to do things that i really want to. Plus, i think that exercising is a really good way to keep your mind cool and it really helps to keep stress away. I really hope that whats left from this year bring better stuff and that this time we can have our summer vacations!!! :) Regards!!

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