Thursday, 26 April 2012

Life without such technology

Really i dont like very much technology… maybe its because when I was a child I never have technology games or something like that. My mom and dad never wanted that we have a Nintendo or Play Station like the others childs of the school. But this never was a problem for me because I always played with my sisters and we imagine new games everyday… I love played with they and like we are three sisters all the games are very funny. For example we played to pretend that we were friends or that we were dentists or sellers jajaj. Now I don’t know how play videogames or use things with a lot of technology but a technology thing that I really enjoy its my photographic camera and I love it <3 because I can portray especial moments and remember in the future (:


  1. you're really cute !^^ ... i love play games like that when I was little, but I also love technological things but I don't have many .. actually I have really few things

  2. You love your camera but you hate that the people take you pictures!! jajaj

  3. I love your picture! I have one just like yours, with my bro on the garden :D