Monday, 26 November 2012


Hi classmates! Today is our final class of English!! Really I’m very happy because I cursed all the levels of English in the university and now I feel very comfortable for finish the last semester!
Well, In general I don’t like very much this class because I don’t like english L when I was a little girl I hate learn english by obligation and now its similar but I know that english its very useful for a lot of situations in the life. I think that in the university I learn a little more but I think that the most important it’s that I have been able to practice very much this language and pay attention in the details of my usual mistakes at the moment of speak or listen.
I think that the activities of the blog are very useful to practice the writing and the creativity for express our thoughts. I wrote in the blog in the level 3 and now it’s more easy because I practice a lot. Also I think that I have to improve my English in aspects like the listening or speaking because for me is more difficult realize this activities than write or read.
Outside the English class I use this language for read papers for the university but yet its difficult, also for sing songs jajaj and understand movies in english or communicated with foreign persons in special situations.
Finally, I think that its important learn and practice english, because even if we don’t like, in this time is very useful and necessary for a lot of things. I believe that also it’s important that the university have an english program because stimulate at the students to learn this language but also I think that the levels are a little easier for the persons that understand more the language and sometimes it’s boring L

Regards!! J

Monday, 12 November 2012

The Truman Show

Hi classmates! Today I´m going to tell you about a movie that I really enjoy… I saw this movie a long time ago with my boyfriend and it’s called “The Truman Show”. This is a movie of comedy and drama and is starred by Jim Carrey. In general the storyline is about a man with a fictitious life. His life is a like a reality show but he doesn’t know that. He thinks that he had a normal life like all the people, and all the time hi just live like all the people in the world, but really all the details of his life are previously planned for the person that create the reality. All is created and even the deepest situations are planned for the director of the program. All is recorded and televise like a TV program that all the people of the town can see. The film is very funny and terrible at the same time because in the progress of the story you can see like all the characters except Truman (Jim Carrey) are doing things to keep the fiction at the expense of the real life of Truman. I think that this movie is very interesting because propose a problem about the reality and the possibility that all can be a fiction. I really recommend this movie!! Regards! J

Monday, 5 November 2012


Hi dear classmates! Today I’m going to speak about our political system and the elections. These years I vote for first time in the municipal elections and I think that it’s very important because you can give your opinion and express with your vote if you are agree or disagree with the political system. But also I think that at the same time vote is controversial, because you have to decide for one of the candidates of the list and many times they doesn’t represent to the people really. In this occasion I felt like forced to vote because I think that this moment was important for our country and the major have a lot of importance in the decisions of the community. My municipality is not emblematic like others; I live in La Reina and really the political decision of the major doesn’t affect so much like in other municipalities like Providencia for example. But this time I think that was important to vote because in my commune are building a lot of malls, tall buildings and now the building companies want to do a motorway.
Respect to the fact for the big abstention in this elections I think that influenced the disagree of the people with the candidates and with the political system in general. I think that many people doesn’t fell really represent for the political class and they think that nothing going to change. I shared this opinion but at the same time I think that its important express our disagree and tried to change the things. And I think that was a big achievement that Labbé, Sabat and Zalaquet left the power.


Monday, 22 October 2012

English activities

Hi dear classmates! Today I´m going to tell you about the activities of the english class. Well, at the final of the semester we will have to the final test for approve this course and for that now we have to practice these kinds of activities. In this occasion we have to visited some internet pages and do it some activities like read, listening and write.
First I have to look and read very shorts text and answer the questions. There are 7 questions and my score was 6 of 7. Later I have to read other little texts and answer the correct alternative for the questions. The items have 10 questions and I answer correctly 8 questions. The final activity of read was read the description of different courses and then I have to choose the appropriate for a person according to the description. In this time my score was 3 of 5.
In the activities of listening I have to hear shorts stories and make the correct answer according with the description. In general I have a good score in this item. In the vocabulary I was a little confused but I don’t have a bad score.
Finally in the item of lenguaje I was a little bad because I don’t understand all the sentences and I don’t know how to changes the words. In the activitie of the letter I was good.
I think that in general this is a good activity because we can practice for the test in a way more didactic, but a disadvantage is that the activity was a little long. 

8 octubre

Monday, 1 October 2012

My first day of university

Hi classmates, today I´m going to speak about my first day of university. I don’t remember exactly how it was, but I remember that this day I was really nervous and happy at the same time!! I was really happy for go to the University of Chile because I always wanted to go here (: but also I was nervous because I don’t know very well the campus because I had only been a couple of times in the summer, and I didn’t know many people. I was a little afraid but when I was here I can enjoy the day and know new people and friends! This day I spoke with some people that I had known in the summer in activities for the “mechones” who organized the classmates of other curses. Really I don’t remember exactly the first day of class, I think that I have a confusion between all the first days or weeks in the university, because like we don’t have class from the first day and we have all kinds of activities really I don’t remember when all the things exactly happens. I remember activities like the “mechoneo”, the trip to “cartagua”, the first classes of Psicobiologia and Historia… I think that this time was very good because everything was new, I met my friends I hang around with all the time and started a new stage of my life! (: