Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Boris Cyrulnik

Today I´m going to tell you about Boris Cyrulnik. He is a jewish psychiatrist that was born in  Burdeos in 1937. Cyrulnik suffered the death of his parents in a Nazi concentration camp he managed to escape when he was only 6 years. One of the major contributions of this author is on the concept of resilience associated with psychology. In general Cyrulnik said that the resilience is always assign a meaning to the trauma or failure or indesead situation, whatever it is. If there is no resilience sense, there is confusion. Is like the metamorphose art of pain to make sense, is the ability to be happy even when you have wounds in the soul, he said that “A happy childhood does not guarantee a happy adult life. Not an unhappy childhood condemns us to a miserable life”. You can start bad, but if during your life you are surrounded by affection, you  can have a happy life because they help the process of resilience and overcome difficulties. I like him because I think that this theory is very interesting and his books are very entertaining and also interesting. I think that it’s a good input for the psychology and I hope that you can read his books someday :) Regards!

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