Thursday, 26 April 2012

Life without such technology

Really i dont like very much technology… maybe its because when I was a child I never have technology games or something like that. My mom and dad never wanted that we have a Nintendo or Play Station like the others childs of the school. But this never was a problem for me because I always played with my sisters and we imagine new games everyday… I love played with they and like we are three sisters all the games are very funny. For example we played to pretend that we were friends or that we were dentists or sellers jajaj. Now I don’t know how play videogames or use things with a lot of technology but a technology thing that I really enjoy its my photographic camera and I love it <3 because I can portray especial moments and remember in the future (:

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Two years ago i went to a concert of the "Fabulosos Cadillacs" in the "Club Hipico" in Santiago. They are one of my favorites bands and i love sing his songs! I like because they songs are very happy and have romantics and social songs, i think that they are a really good band. I remember this day because was amazing, i went to the concert with my friends and was really funny, we has to wait for hours on the grass because the concert was in the night but we only had tickets on main court yard =( Anyway the day was fantastic, we talk and eat all the day and in the night we enjoy the music and the ambient was very funny, all the people singing and i love it!The music was really good <3 , but the organization of the concert was a disaster!! I was like 2 hours trying to go back to my house =( in the club was people for all the ways! was like a video game of levels! jajaj but anyway i never forget this day (:  

Thursday, 5 April 2012


Hi classmates! My name is Magdalena Cádiz I´m nineteen years old and I´m a psychology student of second year. Today I create this blog for use in my English course. In this class I hope learn more about English and improve my writing publishing text in this blog. Also I hope learn more vocabulary and achieve a good level for can read college textbooks and for listen and speak better. 
Regards! maida :)