Monday, 22 October 2012

English activities

Hi dear classmates! Today I´m going to tell you about the activities of the english class. Well, at the final of the semester we will have to the final test for approve this course and for that now we have to practice these kinds of activities. In this occasion we have to visited some internet pages and do it some activities like read, listening and write.
First I have to look and read very shorts text and answer the questions. There are 7 questions and my score was 6 of 7. Later I have to read other little texts and answer the correct alternative for the questions. The items have 10 questions and I answer correctly 8 questions. The final activity of read was read the description of different courses and then I have to choose the appropriate for a person according to the description. In this time my score was 3 of 5.
In the activities of listening I have to hear shorts stories and make the correct answer according with the description. In general I have a good score in this item. In the vocabulary I was a little confused but I don’t have a bad score.
Finally in the item of lenguaje I was a little bad because I don’t understand all the sentences and I don’t know how to changes the words. In the activitie of the letter I was good.
I think that in general this is a good activity because we can practice for the test in a way more didactic, but a disadvantage is that the activity was a little long. 


  1. The letter activity was the worse!

  2. I think that it's a good activity too :) and i don't like the activitie of the letter :C

  3. is good activity, i suffer with the letter!

  4. yeeees
    the activity was long but helps to practice >.<