Monday, 20 August 2012


I think that Wikileaks is a very important case because we can see how a person has revealed supposed secrets of the State in a web page and later the most important persons of the politics and other areas are absolutely impress with the revelation of the reporter Julian Assange and all the world has been shaken  whit this. But I think that this its not the most important, I think that the main point in this case is all the scandalous that this has cost in many areas like the international relations between countries or in many areas of the politics. I believe that Julian Assange is not guilty of the crime he is being accused of, because I think that its part of the liberty of expression make public diferents types of information and  think that it not fair accuse to someone for that because this only harm to the politics in high charge. I think that Ecuatorians were right at offer him political assignment to Assange because wikileaks was like a world scandalous and maybe they like many other people also think that Assange is not guilty and he is in all his rights to be in liberty.