Thursday, 31 May 2012


When I was a child I was obsessed with Egypt! I dont know why, but I just wanted to go and know that country :) I like very much the monuments of Egypt and always I felt very curious about the culture and specially for the past of this country, i have many books and figures of Egypt because i was like a fanatic! jajajaj. Now I´m not so interested or informed like before but yet i wanna know this place one day. I know that is a country with a culture very different compared with the culture of this way of the world, but i think that its very interesting, has many misterious in this building and has a past with great importance  for the history and the human, because has ancient architecture like pyramids and sphinxes and hieroglyphic writing where is counted many stories about the past and about this season. I like very much know this place!! I want to know the monuments, the culture, I think that its very different and I think that would be very entertain and interesting take a trip to this place! (: But I don’t wanna live there, I just want to go and know the place or maybe go to vacations and enjoy but only that because I think its very far for live now jajaj :) I just hope I can go one day! =)   Regards!!


  1. My father go there! the pictures that he took were amaizing.. I was so jealus! ajaja..

  2. i hope that you could visit egypt some day ! :)

  3. I have a friend that visit this place, and tell me that is so beautiful