Thursday, 31 May 2012


When I was a child I was obsessed with Egypt! I dont know why, but I just wanted to go and know that country :) I like very much the monuments of Egypt and always I felt very curious about the culture and specially for the past of this country, i have many books and figures of Egypt because i was like a fanatic! jajajaj. Now I´m not so interested or informed like before but yet i wanna know this place one day. I know that is a country with a culture very different compared with the culture of this way of the world, but i think that its very interesting, has many misterious in this building and has a past with great importance  for the history and the human, because has ancient architecture like pyramids and sphinxes and hieroglyphic writing where is counted many stories about the past and about this season. I like very much know this place!! I want to know the monuments, the culture, I think that its very different and I think that would be very entertain and interesting take a trip to this place! (: But I don’t wanna live there, I just want to go and know the place or maybe go to vacations and enjoy but only that because I think its very far for live now jajaj :) I just hope I can go one day! =)   Regards!!

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Hi!! I know … i´m very backward with this homework, but anyway now i´m going to tell you about my life… I was born 19 years ago the first of January of 1993 :) yeeees, the first day of the year!! Jajaj many people think that its very boring and strange be birthday this day, but for me is cool :D jajaj, well, when I was a child was more boring because I don’t go to parties and I only was with my family this day, but always all were tired for the party of new year and my birthday always was vere late the next day L ajaj, but now I enjoy very much my birthday because I go to parties with my friends and also welcome de new year! Its like a new beginning in all the sames!! :) But not all its about my birthday!! Also i have a beautifull family <3 my mom, my dad and two sister, Flo and Cata J im the older sister, but anyway we are very close with my two sisters(: also, I have two dogs Julieta and Puca<3 and with my boyfriend Sebastián we have a hamster!! <3 and I loveee it! Well.. also I was in four schools!! But the last 4 years I was in the same school and there I met my best friends, now im very close with they and I see them almost every weekend J Now im studying psychology in the university of chile <3 and in my free times I like go out with my friends and my boyfriend <3, listen music or simply have a good time (: Sorry for the delay, but I hope that you enjoy my story (: Regards!! 

Thursday, 17 May 2012

I like this picture because  its about my dog Porotina <3 . It sad for me because my dog die a few months ago because she was very old <3 but anyway i love this picture because its a beautiful memory :) This picture was taken for me in a family lunch like 5 years ago. My dog was my pet all the life… She came to my home when i was only 3 years, and my sister was very little too, she was only one year. I remember that with my mom we go to my dad´work and he had a gift for me, and its my dog! I was very happy and i call she Porotina, i dont know why i choose this name jajaj :) My dog was like a sister, because like i and my sisters was very little we play with she all day, was like a toy jaja, and she never was grumpy with us. This year she turned 18 years old and she was very very old :( a few months ago we have to sacrifice she because was suffering and well… was the better for she. Now i know that she was resting and with pictures like that i remember she everydays (:

Thursday, 3 May 2012

My favorite Tv series is Dexter <3. Its about a forence  police that work with blood  test in the police department of Miami. He is like a detective and the story its about his life and other characters that are involved with murders and that work with Dexter in the department. But that not´s all!! the most interesting thing its that Dexter also is a murderer !! but he is like a avenging  because he only kill people who have also killed.  My favorite character its Dexter because its very interesting and mysterious and during the series you can know his story and understand his reasons for do it. I like very much this series because it very interesting and you are pay attencion all the time!! And also I like because its not like all the other tv series like friends or things like that. When I saw the series I feel very happy because is very entertaining for me but now i´m not very happy because yet I don’t finish all the series because is very extensive and I don’t have much time for see tv now =( but I now that I finish all the chapters one day!! Jajajaj =)