Monday, 12 November 2012

The Truman Show

Hi classmates! Today I´m going to tell you about a movie that I really enjoy… I saw this movie a long time ago with my boyfriend and it’s called “The Truman Show”. This is a movie of comedy and drama and is starred by Jim Carrey. In general the storyline is about a man with a fictitious life. His life is a like a reality show but he doesn’t know that. He thinks that he had a normal life like all the people, and all the time hi just live like all the people in the world, but really all the details of his life are previously planned for the person that create the reality. All is created and even the deepest situations are planned for the director of the program. All is recorded and televise like a TV program that all the people of the town can see. The film is very funny and terrible at the same time because in the progress of the story you can see like all the characters except Truman (Jim Carrey) are doing things to keep the fiction at the expense of the real life of Truman. I think that this movie is very interesting because propose a problem about the reality and the possibility that all can be a fiction. I really recommend this movie!! Regards! J


  1. This is one of the most original movies i ever seen

  2. just today speak about this movie.. jajaja :D

  3. I bored whit it, but because someone told me what was about